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World renowned super-guru Jeff Havens delivers a laugh-out-loud hour of pseudo-motivation that will leave you feeling better than you have in years - guaranteed!
Tired of dull, uninspiring motivational speakers?

Let's make one thing clear: Jeff is not a real motivational speaker. Not by a long shot. He's a professional comedian who has performed at some of the best comedy clubs in America, and his mock motivational seminar Uncrapify Your Life! is a hilarious offering that provides all the wrong advice in a satirical, tongue-in-cheek fashion. It's completely clean (the worst word he uses is 'crap,' unless you ask him to do otherwise), and it's the perfect entertainment for anyone who has had more than their fair share of motivational speakers.

The two pillars of the Uncrapify Your Life! program include:

1) Become a better communicator by learning how to more effectively criticize others.

2) Learn how to handle responsibility by outsourcing blame.

Filled with cheesy acronyms, silly rhyming phrases, audience participation, and all the other elements of a traditional motivational speech, the Uncrapify Your Life! program is a great way to provide a message to your business or corporation in a fun, interesting, novel fashion.

Curious to know what other clients have said about the Uncrapify Your Life! program?

"Your presentation, 'Uncrapify Your Life!,' was hilarious, witty, and a lot of fun. Couldn’t believe you could keep up the pace for more than an hour, and all of it was fresh and upbeat. The PowerPoint accompaniment was icing on the cake. Thanks to you, everyone had a great time and we were buzzing about it for days afterward. We’ll certainly have to have you come back for a return engagement." - John Riha, Editorial Director, Meredith Corporation

"Jeff's 'Uncrapify Your Life!' program had our group in stitches. He used some AV to support his comedy, but did so in such a refined way. In our event surveys, Jeff was the highest rated speaker on our program. I will surely use him again." - Dale Yohnke, Executive Director, North Central Electric Assocation

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