The games of European Handball and Futsal have many similarities in some aspects, yet also are two completely different games with many contrasting factors too.
Aspects of the games that can be compared and contrasted are defensive/offensive strategies, skills and training techniques, and physical components of fitness associated with the games.

Offensive strategies in both games are very similar. These include quick and accurate passes around the field being key to the game. Continuous passing of the ball, and spreading out around the court keeping players open are similar in both European Handball and Futsal. These strategies help teams to score more as they are more fast paced games rather than strategic ones. There are however contrasting offensive strategies such as in European handball, players jump off the ground and peg the ball into goal, whilst Futsal use planned formations and fast passes to get past defence and kick the ball into the goal.

On the other hand, defensive get better grades strategies between the two games are very dissimilar, almost opposite to each other. In European Handball, the defensive side's aim is to defend their zone, block shots of a shooting players and try and intercept the ball as it travels down court.

This differs to Futsal as defenders try and steal the ball off their marked player and mostly protect areas in the middle of the field, as most goals are scored from the centre of the field. Unlike how defending players protect their goal in European handball, the goalie in Futsal is the last line of defence, and is part responsible for blocking goals from shooting players.

The skills and physical components of fitness demonstrated in both games and very similar. This is because of the close relation of the games, although different rules, origins, field dimensions 3etc., the concepts of both games are very alike each other, just played in a different way.
Skills seen in both European Handball and Futsal include ball handling.
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